Salary and contributions are reduced, but as I explain in the article, in the first year some positions are not affected. The reduction in wages would be proportional to the reduction in working hours. Hello!! I was 1 year and 2 months old with reduced working hours for the care of a minor, including the first 2 I worked and the following year I took him on vacation due to a temporary disability. I checked my offer history and I see that they apply to me for the year and the 2 months as if I were part-time, that is, they reduce the number of days in part proportionally. It`s true? Shouldn`t I trade 100% for the first 2 years? Does the period of temporary disability leave affect anything? I did not quite understand the example, because at the beginning you say that the 1,000 corresponds to the base you have, if it is the base that appears in the wage bill, it is already the base with reduction, so you do not have to reduce again. Of course, temporary disability is calculated on the basis of the reduction already applied. I have 2 children aged 9 and 4 years. I have been reducing working hours since September 2018. Next September, the 2-year period ends during which they supplement contributions up to 100%. Would you be entitled to 2 years more for the second child? Is this allowance 2 years per child or only for the 2-year period? If I am entitled to 2 more years, what do I need to do to take advantage of it? Thank you Hello! I have a doubt about the risk of leave during pregnancy, I have been a month with reduced working hours, I am pregnant and I have the risk of pregnancy leave, will I be paid on the basis of my reduced salary or the salary before the reduction? Thank you, before SEPE, submit an application on the regulatory basis on which you were indicated and confirm that the reduction in working time you received was intended for legal guardianship. On the other hand, talk to the company. Good evening, I am with reduced working hours for 6 months. My company has done an ERTE.

You say it is 100% indicated in the first 2 years, but I have several questions: Will the calculation be done according to the regulatory basis if you have worked the 8 hours or the current basis? What is the maximum amount for 1 child? Does this affect the calculation of maximum amounts? since I believe in principle that the maximum for full-time work without children is 1098, but it is reduced in proportion to the hours worked, but from what you specify, it should not be reduced during the first 2 years of reduction in working time. Thank you in advance In the certificate that the company sends to the INSS, 75% of the contribution base is registered as an SS base, and again the company tells us that in the social security they already have the information about the reduction of working time for the care of minors, that they must send the certificate with the reduced base. Hello, since October 2018 with a permanent contract since 1995 I have a reduction in working time for legal guardianship to 50% and I would like to collect the remaining 50% of unemployment. What must I do? Is that possible? Where should I go? Thank you very much. I do not believe that the company accepts, that is, if it offers you a day of, for example, 75%, I understand that it is the day that appears in the contract. In addition, it could be understood as a legal fraud in matters of social security to start the employment relationship already with a reduction in working time by legal guardianship. What should be required of SEPE? My situation is the same and I would like to know which section or law we should apply the SEPE in our claim. I consulted them and they told me that they cannot apply this correction because they apply the contribution bases that the TGSS has, and that they should change these bases so that when they receive the SEPE, they go out at 100% and pay with this base. I also asked TGSS and they tell me that these bases correspond to 50% since Article 237 of the TGSS Law only concerns retirement, permanent disability, death and survival, maternity and paternity, as you indicate above. What legal argument is there to correct this in SEPE? Thank you for all this work in the notebook and for all the information.

Good afternoon. By reducing the working day by the legal guardianship and lowering the wage to the new schedule, the rest of the salary until you get the same as without the reduction, could you ask for unemployment? And if so, how long and how is it updated? When it comes again, the right to unemployment? Thank you very much. Hello, I wanted to ask you a question. I have had reduced working hours for legal guardianship for 5 years. In December, I extended the day and left the legal guardianship at the request of my boss with the idea of 4 months. If I go back to legal guardianship, do you charge the two-year period to increase the base by 100%? Thank you a greeting With the data you share with me, the dismissal is void if you challenge it in court. In addition, it is not necessary to take the salary of the july 2017 payroll, but with the current salary, but since there has been no reduction in working time, which is in fact the basis that SEPE must take to calculate unemployment benefits.