No legal jargon, fast service and every detail handled; Outside the packaging! We can help you easily reach the property of your dreams. Our lawyers have prepared a number of legal articles relating to accident claims, business law, transfer, divorce, labour law, family law, personal injury, estate and wills that you may find useful. To access it, click here or on the corresponding service above. All our legal articles can be downloaded free of charge for personal use. We are aware that not everyone who needs legal advice can always come to our offices, which is why we have launched a home visiting service. This service, offered by Will and Estate Services, Business and Personal Injury, allows us to meet clients at home, at work, in hospital, hospice, nursing or nursing home to help them manage their affairs. Maybe you saw us in Plymouth in our Gard & Co. painted Mini on the way. We understand that each individual`s legal needs are different, which is why we offer a personalized service that ensures our clients know that their feelings and opinions have been understood before making important legal decisions. During your first consultation, one of our experienced local lawyers in Plymouth will discuss your situation in a relaxed and calm manner so we can gather the information you need while making sure you feel comfortable and comfortable.

We will also address the issue of costs and related fees. We believe that in this way we will offer you the best possible legal solution and allow all parties involved to develop positively. I`ve listened to really thoughtful and insightful podcasts while doing my almost daily long walks outside, and on weekends I lie by the pool reading similar types of books (or get completely lost in a perfectly organized playlist of summer bops). On a daily basis, this one-hour walk is my lunch break. It`s my practice, my fresh air, my break from a computer screen, my break from legal jargon, and most importantly, it`s time I don`t work, think about work, worry about work, and put pressure on myself to go back to work. Our team of legal experts has knowledge in all areas, we start by getting to know you and your case before determining which team member is right for your situation. Gard & Co.`s team of reputable, experienced and qualified lawyers can competently advise clients on a variety of legal matters. If you are based in Devon, Cornwall or beyond, our Plymouth law firm can help. Whether you need help with a personal matter or need to resolve a business dispute. Our team of experienced lawyers specialises in their own areas of law.

What unites us is our mission to provide you with the legal services you need, with the added care, understanding and knowledge you need to go beyond the current issues you face. Our team keeps abreast of the latest changes in the legal world and then translates them into easy-to-understand articles that you can read. At Gard & Co. Solicitors, our lawyers take the time to build relationships with clients so we can fully understand your legal needs. As individual lawyers and as a law firm, we strive to exceed your expectations by providing the best legal solutions. We will quickly get to the root of your legal problems and solve them with as little drama as possible. You can meet the team by clicking on Our Team in the menu. Getting legal help isn`t something the majority of people do regularly, so we understand that you`re a little worried about contacting a law firm, but there`s really no need. When you arrive at our offices, you will be immediately reassured. Thanks to our free and non-binding initial consultation, you can decide whether or not you want to use our services after having had the opportunity to tell us about your legal problems.

This gives you the opportunity to try us and gives us the opportunity to learn a little more about you and your legal needs. We can then advise you on the best way forward. I was incredibly stressed and she took the burden off us and handled the situation with such high professionalism and care. A new approach to legal advice. A direct speech, simple explanations and a helping hand at every step of the process. With a wealth of experience, both professional and personal, the path to Beyond Legal is something we are proud of. Our past allows us to shape our future by providing legal services with a focus on care and understanding. We offer all new clients a free initial consultation, please contact us to discuss further. Goodbye, 2021! Now that the fall semester is over and we`re saying goodbye to the rest of the year, I can`t help but look back on 2021. For the 1Ls who are finishing their first semester, the 2Ls who are about to embark on their first face-to-face classes and their first finals, and the 3Ls who are just trying to get through these last few months, it has certainly been a year to remember. With this sobering reality, Andrew Fishman of BC Law 3L recently organized a food campaign that benefited the Newton community. This was his second year of helping coordinate a food campaign through BC Law as he collected non-perishable items to donate directly to the Newton Food Pantry just in time for the holidays.

After 3 years of building and planning coalitions, Beyond Legal Aid was proud to make room with Healing To Action, a grassroots survivor-led organization dedicated to ending gender-based violence, and the rest of the coalition #SexEdWorks when the campaign for comprehensive sexuality education began in all Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Happy Thanksgiving Legal Eagles! I hope we all have time to relax with our loved ones this week and realize the true spirit of the holiday season. Suite 1, Wessex House Tuckers Maltings Teign Road Newton Abbot Devon TQ12 4AA Speaking from experience in this area of law, often a traumatic time for many, let us help you breathe and get the resolution you deserve. As the fall weather recovers and the end of the semester is in sight, I constantly remind myself that I am approaching my final months at Boston College School of Law. Lately, I feel very nostalgic. I have taken many international law and human rights courses at BC Law and I have enjoyed them all: international law with Professor David Wirth; International Human Rights: Martial Law, War Crimes and Genocide (or what is better known as humanitarian law) with Professor Allen Ryan; Interdisciplinary seminar on immigration law and human rights with Professor Daniel Kanstroom; International legal research with Professor Sherry Chen. I came to law school because it`s my calling in life, and every experience I`ve had here (after the chore of the very provincial 1L experience) has continued to prove to me that this is what I should do. We take care of everything, including packaging.

Get the house you want for less money. As I began to immerse myself in another series of study days, followed by a series of hours of testing, I cling to the idea that all this will soon be over – that I just have to get through the next few weeks and then I can enjoy that joy after the final. Since family is central during the holidays, you can remember the importance of protecting the things you love from those you love. She started her career in Scotland before moving to the South West 3 years ago and during that time she has built a good relationship with clients, estate agents and colleagues from the South West. Without Mrs. Radlin, we would not have received the large amount he owed us (it was ours from the beginning) for this unexpected move. Summer Experience Lesson #1: It`s perfectly good to demonstrate your strong work ethic and hectic attitude Monday through Friday, and “breaks” can coexist with “weekdays.” Hartnoll Business Centre Post Hill Tiverton Devon EX16 4NG The landlord was unable to resolve the issue and instead directed his issue to us by terminating our four-year lease for our home overnight. She was able to justify our case on our behalf and save us the money that the owner wrongly tried to withhold.

Ms. Radlin is an excellent lawyer. She is attentive during the proceedings of the case. Answers all questions quickly. She tells me exactly what`s going on all the time. The good thing about Ms. Radlin is that she helps with a range of services.