Our law firm offers all the necessary legal assistance for national and international companies. Details Swissotel may collect personal data in the above categories of parties such as potential customers, customers, candidate employees, employees, business partners, travel agencies, tour operators and suppliers. – Definition of business strategies, execution of financial communication, market research and social responsibility activities, purchasing operations (request, offer, evaluation, order, budgeting, contract), internal operations of management of business systems and applications, as well as legal operations for the purpose of defining and implementing commercial and commercial strategies for Swissôtel; Depending on the nature of your request, please ensure that you submit the required information and documentation in a complete and accurate manner. Failure to provide the necessary information and documentation may cause significant problems for Swissotel with regard to the complete and qualified conduct of the investigation procedure at your request. In these cases, Swissotel reserves the resulting legal rights. Therefore, you are required to submit your application completely and correctly with all the necessary information and documents. Swissôtel The Bosphorus, Istanbul will evaluate and complete your request within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days in accordance with the provisions of the law. Although it is our policy to respond free of charge to requests, Swissôtel The Bosphorus, İstanbul reserves the right to charge a fee based on the rate set by the Personal Data Protection Board. – Natural and legal persons with whom we cooperate and purchase services in connection with the comparison of products / services, analysis, evaluation, advertising and other purposes listed above, institutions and organizations that cooperate in these programs, organizations with which we have concluded agreements on the transmission of messages to our customers and freight companies that deliver orders to you, in accordance with the conditions and purposes of the processing of personal data set out in Articles 8 and 9 of Law No. 6698. – subsidiaries, affiliates, affiliates, business partners and shareholders, including hotels or restaurants operated under frHI (Fairmont, Raffles) Hotels & Resort, affiliated with the Swissôtel group company; At BosphorusLegal, we value creative and effective solutions to business problems based on a thorough understanding of the law.

We combine a vigorous approach as an effective legal service provider in Turkey, the CIS countries as well as Cyprus, the United Kingdom and the Middle East and act through our joint offices. Our firm provides legal assistance in a variety of competition law matters. Detail Founded in 2002 in Istanbul. BosphorusLegal is a full-service law firm in Turkey. Since then, we have represented and provided a wide range of legal services to foreign and domestic companies, some of which are multinational corporations. Our team of lawyers is active in all important areas of private and public law, in particular corporate and commercial law, dispute resolution, real estate law, construction law, energy law, administrative law, tax law, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, privatizations, project financing, banking law, maritime law, labour law, intellectual property law and criminal law. provided that the contract is performed or is directly related to the performance of the contract and that it is necessary for the performance of our legal obligations and within the framework of other exceptions set out in Article 5 of the Law. We intend to inform you in the most transparent way regarding the collection of your personal data, the purposes of the processing of your personal data, the parties with whom we share your data, the legal basis for their processing and your rights in accordance with Article 10 of the “Personal Data Protection Law” No. 6698, to ensure your satisfaction in this regard.

– Public offices and institutions, administrative authorities and judicial authorities empowered by law; – Compliance with the obligations of exchange of information, declaration and declaration established by the official institutions, compliance with the requirements of the contracts and compliance with the legal obligations to which Swissôtel is subject with regard to the provision of these services; BosphorusLegal is a full-service Turkish law firm.