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Get to know the team behind SEP and discover the heart that motivates why we do what we do.


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Strategic Employment Partners (SEP) is a premier Full Service Advisory and Recruiting firm with offices from coast to coast.

We go beyond the traditional staffing model in order to bring you customized solutions that work in today’s economy.

Who We Are

About Us

Strategic Employment Partners (SEP) was founded in 2007, serving companies in the Greater Los Angeles area by providing Technology Recruiting and Placement Services. With the combined experience of our seasoned professionals, SEP quickly began to build strong partnerships and provide curated talent for some of the largest and fastest growing companies in Los Angeles. Since then, SEP has expanded its operations and currently has eight divisions nationwide.

In present day, our journey has led us to expand our services and become an even greater asset to companies by developing into a Full Service Advisory Firm. Our recruiting abilities have evolved to include specialties beyond technology, and so our clients rely on SEP to fill a variety of positions across their enterprise. This has allowed SEP to create long term partnerships, where we can act as a seamless extension of your enterprise recruitment needs. Beyond placements, SEP is fully equipped to offer companies of all sizes expert consulting services to help them elevate their organization infrastructure and leadership.

Our expansion came quickly because of the quality of services we were able to offer our customers. We believe that that is a result of the quality of our people and our culture of mentorship. We recognize that the employees of a company are its greatest asset, therefore we put our team first. If we can support and challenge them, positively engage with them, and provide them a platform to be successful—our customers will be well taken care of.

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The 4 Tenets

Tenets for Success

Any successful team, organization, or company has core standards they adhere to that permeates everything they do. For SEP, we stand firm in these four tenets.

Over time, we’ve undergone many changes. As we continue to grow, evolve, and adapt, our future endeavors will be guided by these four tenets that we’ve built our reputation on.

Fall in love with growth.

Be confident in the skills you have acquired but remember that learning never stops.

See challenges as opportunities.

Face life’s challenges with a positive mindset and allow yourself to feel comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Practice empathy day in and day out.

We are in the business of people and that means treating them with respect and value.

Stand up for the customer.

Always have the customer’s best interest in mind and have the courage to stand up for this—no matter what.

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